Counseling Services
Dr. Ford provides innovative, high quality, user friendly resources that help children, teens, parents, families, educators and others cope with many vital issues individuals face today. Areas of experience includes: Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Oppositional Disorders, Substance Abuse, Violence Prevention, Coping Skills, Victimization (Bullying), LBGT, Conflict Resolution, Trauma, Teenage Sexuality, and Self Esteem
Business Development
Providing Insight On Opening and Maintaining a Mental Health and Social Service Business

Like it or not, mental health professionals also need to be skilled business leaders. Opening a mental health agency is a challenge, but by leveraging a combination of superior patient care and small business essentials, it's your community.

Dr. Ford's experience and knowledge in the mental health and social services realms can help your organization to avoid the challenges and pitfalls often experienced by small businesses.
Program Consultant
Dr. Ford's training is directly related to the skills, knowledge, and strategies needed in order to effectively execute a particular job. It can include teaching staff member's new skills, exposure to unfamiliar ideas, an opportunity to practice and obtain feedback on particular techniques or styles of working with consumers, or simply encouraging comradery and teamwork and comprehensive strategies to build a better work environment. The trainings are tailored to meet the needs of the company.
Books & Products
Whether your looking for an Author, Counselor, a Program Consultant, or a representative for Business Development, Dr Kat Ford has the right program for you. Offering services both In-Person and Virtually, making sure that your time and care is her top priority.

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