Dr. Kat Ford offers Online Counseling
Life Coaching
Have you had it with not "having it" Having a hard time separating and deciding on what to do with your life, Need someone other than family and/or friends to discuss your life dreams, goals, and plans. Need that inner voice to help motivate you or find the inner strength in you?

If so , Ask Dr. Kat Ford

Let Dr. Kat Ford help pull out the Super Person in You!!

Counseling Available
Dr. Ford provides innovative, high quality, user friendly resources that help children, teens, parents, families, educators and others cope with many vital issues individuals face today.

Areas of experience includes: Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Oppositional Disorders, Substance Abuse, Violence Prevention, Coping Skills, Victimization (Bullying), LBGT, Conflict Resolution, Trauma, Teenage Sexuality, and Self Esteem.

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