Dr. Kat Live
Speaking Opportunities - Live with Dr. Kat
Invite Dr. Kat Ford to speak live at your next event. With her upbeat, out of the box, and fun style, which is guaranteed to be entertaining and educational for your group. Dr. Kat is known for leaving her audience with an "AHHH... I didn't think about it like that", moments; such as:

Goal Setting | Obtaining Goals | Overcoming Obstacles | Parenting | Understanding Today's Youth
Clinical Supervision
Dr. Kat Ford will provide a thorough overview of the mental health field and the responsibilities for mental health workers.
Parenting Classes
Dr. Ford offers 4 hour court ordered Co-Parenting classes which is qualified through Supreme Court of Virginia. Parents learn the fundamental ways to co-parent their child(ren) without resulting in someone losing custody.
Teen Parenting Class
Dr. Ford offers 4 hour parenting classes for teen-parents. The class consist of understanding their roles, child development, intervention techniques for parenting a child(ren).
Professional Development
Dr. Ford offers a variety of topics to help enhance a company or organizations staff development.

Dr. Ford will retro fit training based on your company's needs. Dr. Ford topics:

Understanding your company's culture- Know it, Use it, and Make it Grow!
Work place social engagement "Can't we all just get along"
Team work and efficiency - "Team Work makes the Dream Work"
Understanding your clients - Effective methods for helping others
Documentation Training - Clinical Writing Training
Understanding Clinical Treatment - Treatment Plans, Progress Notes, Incident Reports
Effective Leadership- "How to Make the Saints March In"
Stress in the Work place
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