Dr. Kat Ford's Books
Dr. Ford is passionate about advocating and helping underdogs and marginalized populations. Her goal is to use her writing and future books to inspire those teen mothers who are often feeling "let down" and to educate and inspire those who are unaware of the emotional turmoil these young mothers are experiencing.
Negotiating Identities: Adolescent Mothers' Journey to Motherhood: A Research Study
It is difficult to be a teenage girl in today's society. Young girls battle and compete with one another to attain certain body types and fashion styles, and it is difficult for them to find their own place in their conceptualized "teen universe." Becoming a mother in addition to all the social and emotional challenges is yet another element one has to endure. Teenage motherhood sparks many conversations filled with judgment, ridicule, and persecution for making that "one mistake" of saying yes!

This book provides an up close and personal view of the journey that teenage females endure as they attempt to find meaning in their life, understanding of their dueling roles as teen and as a mother, and the development of a new self-identity into single motherhood.
Negotiating Identities: The Transition To Motherhood In Young Urban Adolescent Mothers
This is Dr. Ford's first book which provides a personal view of the lived experiences by adolescent-mothers as they endured the transition of being a teenager to becoming a mother. Dr. Ford hopes this book will enlighten the professionals who work with teen-mothers to further the understanding of their trials and tribulations, their emotionality, and how it affects their mindset - sometimes permanently.

With this knowledge, those in the position to assist or help a teen mother would have greater insight into the teens' mental state to help. The insight in this book offers the ability to improve the young mother's mental and emotional states of being, and to help them avoid the negativity and harmful mental and psychological pressure of being a teen mother and single mother.
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