• October 21, 2017
  • Dr. Kateresea L. Ford
  • Article
Books written by Dr. Kat Ford

Understanding Identities: he Transition to Motherhood in Young Urban Adolescent Mothers

This book provides an intimate and personal view of the lives and lived experiences by adolescent-mothers as they endured the transition of being a teenager to becoming a mother. The author interviewed 12 young mothers, ranging in ages between 18 and 22, who provided insight of what their life was like as a teenager who became pregnant and gave birth. 

The twelve young ladies provided detailed descriptions of mixed emotions of depression, enlightenment, loneliness, and sadness, as well as happiness and empowerment. They described in detail the treatment they received from family members, friends, lovers, and other individuals in their lives. They shared heartbreaking stories of being abandon by love ones, experiencing life threatening situations, and rekindling relationships with love ones. 

After reading this book, one should get a clearer understanding of the emotional pain teen mothers endure and develop a sense of knowledge of how providing teen-mothers with positive reinforcement, encouragement, and emotional support would help them through one of the most turbulent time of their young lives, which they endure after giving birth. 


Negotiating Identities: Adolescent Mother’s Journey to Motherhood: A Research Study

Dr. Kat Ford is passionate about advocating and helping underdogs and marginalized populations. Her goal is to use her writing and future books to inspire those teen mothers who are often feeling “let down” and to educate and inspire those who are unaware of the emotional turmoil these young mothers are experiencing. This is Dr. Ford’s first book, and it provides a personal view of the lived experiences by adolescent mothers as they endured the transition of being a teenager to becoming a mother. Dr. Ford hopes this book will enlighten the professionals who work with teen mothers to further the understanding of their trials and tribulations, their emotionality, and how this affects their mind-sets—sometimes permanently. With this knowledge, those in the position to assist or help a teen mother would have greater insight into the teens’ mental state to help. The insights in this book offer the ability to improve the young mother’s mental and emotional states of being and help them avoid the negativity and harmful mental and psychological pressure of being a teen mother.

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