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About Dr. Kat Ford
Author, Professional Counselor and Business Program Consultant, Dr. Kat Ford has over twenty years of experience working in the field of counseling, business development, program development and being a youth advocate. After witnessing that the trends in the industry are not able to effectively help today's youth and their families, Dr. Ford decided to start providing educational, clinical, and professional consultations and training to families, youth organizations, and religious affiliates. Dr. Ford is passionate about her profession and utilizing her skills, knowledge, and expertise to help others learn how to help themselves.
Credentials and Certifications
  • Ph.D. in Human Services
  • Advanced Certification in Human Services
  • Masters in Counseling
  • BS Psychology
  • DCC - Distance Counseling Training Certification
  • License VA DOE School Counseling, Administration and Supervision
  • Employment Assistant Specialist- Clinician (EAS-C), Employment Assistance Professional Association
  • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC), National Board Certified Counselor
  • Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), Center for Credentialing and Education
  • Registered Play Therapist (RPT), National Association of Play Therapist
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC), National Board Certified Counselor
  • Co-Parenting Trainer, Supreme Court of Virginia
  • Nurturing Parenting Trainer Training
  • Master Trainer, Arise Life Skills Curriculum
  • Trainer Understanding Frameworks of Poverty, Aha! Process
With so many options in Counseling and Business Development services, you want to work with a professional that provides a clear defined safe zone, tailors your sessions to your needs, and is highly qualified for the job. Below you will find just a few of Dr. Kat Ford's Credentials and Certifications, to assure you that shw is truly the right fit.
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